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Handcrafted Luxury

Prodigy Chairman 2020 is built for extreme comfort inspired by sports car bucket seat design with meticulous silver lining stitching creating the highest quality workmanship. 

Prodigy 4-Dimensional Armrests 

The Prodigy 4-Dimensional armrest provides maximum flexibility in all four dimensions: horizontally, laterally, vertically along with an adjustable tilt angle. The smooth texture surface also provides great comfort and support while you rest your arms on them. 

Recline Function 

Full backrest recline function to establish maximum comfortability. 

Premium PU Leather 

Comes with High Density Moulded Foam Prodigy Chairs are made of premium PU leather that can be easily cleaned. Cushions of the chair are built by Prodigy's high density moulded foam which provides the best comfort and support for the spine and creates the perfect seating dynamics.

Multifunctional-Tilt Mechanism 

The Multifunctional-Tilt Mechanism provides the options to freely tilt back and forth in a rocking motion and adjusting the height of the seat while rocking tensions can be tuned by rotating the tension controller. 

TUV Certified Class 4 Hydraulic Piston 

The Class 4 Hydraulic Piston is the best in its class in terms of high consistency, stability and safety that allows the most durable and secure seating experience. 

Aluminium Base 

A strong and durable base with modern curvy design as the base of the chair. With this ultimate strong base, it creates a balance even when the chair is reclined fully. 

60mm Racing Castors 

Ensures your chair rolls smoothly on the floor without scratches and noises. 

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