Our Purpose

Working from home has become a new norm and deserving workers who spend long hours sitting down every day have become increasingly aware of the need to invest in a good quality chair. Here in Prodigy, a team who were previously white-collar workers understand the need for a high-quality, affordable, and comfortable ergonomic chair.

In view of the high demand in the market, we have decided to launch Prodigy Chairs to finally meet the demands of people. We are committed to getting things precisely right from the start and strive to become the best in this industry.

Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were compelled to work from home. As a result of long hours working in front of the computer, it has accelerated the need to invest in a good quality working chair for our personal use. Dissatisfied with the options available in the market and the high price to pay, we have decided to produce on our own. Our partner manufacturer is notable for manufacturing top quality gaming and office chairs. After investing heavily both in time and research, we have decided to develop the most comfortable, stylish, backbone-friendly chair at the most honest pricing.

Our Products

We offer the best quality chairs which you will hardly find in the market.

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